Tabbed Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 7 has been recently released, but I have been using it for a couple of months now.  Some days ago, I was at my mother’s place, installing windows updates as usual and I asked her whether she wanted to have the new Internet Explorer installed. “Is there anything new?” she asked.  I hesitated.  “Anything I will use?”.  No, there isn’t.

However, Microsoft officials would ban me into exile from the Holy MS Land, if they had heard me saying anything like that, because Internet Explorer 7 has some extras over the previous version.  One of those extras is the possibility to store the web pages you’re surfing on in different tabs, a feature other browsers such as Firefox have been using for a while. One of the reasons why tabs were introduced is that people often start multiple browsers to open pages and then forget that these are open and accessible from the taskbar.  But is it solved now? Instead of displaying this at the bottom of your screen, it is now displayed at the top. For me, I think it’s even worse, since when I am in another application I can no longer see whether a webpage is already open unless I switch to the browser window.

A nice feature when using tabs, is “Quick tabs”, an overview/preview of pages that are open in tabs, a feature missing in Firefox.

Quick Tabs in IE7

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